Orange Heart Public Welfare

Huaibei Orange Heart Public Welfare Association was established in April 2019 and is a non-profit public welfare social organization approved by Huaibei Civil Affairs Bureau. Taking promoting the harmonious development of society as its own responsibility, and focusing on the charity concept of "I help everyone, everyone helps me", we actively carry out a variety of volunteer service activities: caring for orphans and widows, caring and accompanying children with autism, caring walks, poverty alleviation A comprehensive public charity system has been gradually formed through public welfare activities such as learning, helping the orphans, helping the disabled, disaster relief and medical assistance, and environmental protection and transportation publicity. With a bit of heart, I contribute my heart and soul to all aspects of social welfare.

"Little orange heart, big love." Since its establishment, Orange Heart Public Welfare has established more than 20 branch service teams, organized and held more than 100 public welfare activities: visiting Daojiao and Houjie nursing homes, caring for children with autism in Humen, visiting and paying tribute to war veterans, public welfare walking activities , caring for migrant workers for free physical examination, condolences to sanitation workers, publicity for park environmental protection, publicity and guidance for zebra crossing traffic order maintenance, caring for volunteer activities, one-on-one funding for poor students, caring for children in poor mountainous areas, and donating to the construction of Hope Primary School and other public welfare activities, which have been well received by the society. General praise and recognition from the public!