Group Profile



Songxin Group is headquartered in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the financial center of Asia. Currently, it has established subsidiaries, R&D bases and many foreign production bases in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Anhui, Boston, Portland, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. It is a large-scale group enterprise integrating diversified businesses such as intelligent manufacturing, high-tech testing, industrial real estate, financial investment, and international trade.

The group's business areas cover leather, testing, footwear, biotechnology, finance, international trade, research and development, charity and other fields. For many consecutive years, it has won many honors such as "Most Satisfied Supplier", "Satisfied Service" and "Gold Supplier" from customers, and has obtained CNAS qualification, CMA qualification, CPSC accredited laboratory qualification and other certifications.

Songxin Group has strong technical force and reasonable talent echelon. The existing professional talents include financial doctors and graduate students, senior R&D engineers, senior inspection engineers, high-end enterprise leaders, senior professional titles, and various professional talents.

Songxin Group is not only a private enterprise, but also a public enterprise different from ordinary private enterprises. The total number of equity holders in the group is as high as 30%. This is the best interpretation of the group's vision of "all employees holding shares and sustainable operation", socialization, publicization, diversified development, wealth creation, and shared achievements.

Looking forward to the future, Songxin Group will adhere to the corporate mission of "achieving all employees and fulfilling social responsibilities", and adopt the "two-wheel drive" development strategy of industry, high-tech industry and finance. Using resources and industry interaction, with the help of corporate culture and value system, we will continue to pursue steady progress. A series of innovative reforms will be carried out around the development model, organizational structure, corporate governance, etc., and a management model suitable for its own characteristics will be established in terms of strategic management, leadership development, and human resource output, so as to create value for the society and create growth space for employees. Build the group into the most competitive compound enterprise, based on the domestic market and influencing the world.

Be prudent from the beginning and respect the end, and walk steadily and far. Every step that Songxin Group takes, it is successfully interpreting the style of every Songxin person.