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The 2023 Mid Autumn Festival National Day Reunion Event for Management Cadres of Song shin Group, "Gathering Together to Embrace the Mid Autumn Festival and Celebrate the National Day", has been succe

Author:Song shin Group Date:2024-06-24 Reading:

In the golden autumn of October, there is a pleasant breeze; A prosperous birthday, celebrated by the whole country. On the occasion of the arrival of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day in 2023, the theme event for the management cadres of Song shin Group to unite and welcome the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the National Day in 2023 was grandly held at the Houjie Haiyue Garden Hotel! The management cadres, storage representatives, business representatives, and outstanding employee representatives of Guangxing Industry, Longhui Footwear, Hongxin Leather, Wenhui Leather, Anrui Testing, Yingyou Tianxia, Orange Heart Charity Association under Song shin Group attended this dinner.