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Congratulations to Guangxing Industry for successfully passing the BLC-LWG gold medal certification!

Author:松信集团 Date:2024-06-24 Reading:

Dongguan Guangxing Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, with its headquarters located in Dongguan, known as the "City of Science and Technology" and "City of Manufacturing". It has established research and development bases and production bases in Anhui, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other places. It is a large-scale technology manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, intelligent production, and marketing. In March 2024, the BLC-LWG certification audit team visited Guangxing Industry for a rigorous BLC-LWG certification audit, conducting a comprehensive inspection of every production site and link of Guangxing Industry in sequence.Guangxing Industry finally successfully passed the BLC-LWG gold medal certification.