[Cohesion and Hehe Development] Warmly celebrate the management of Song shin Group

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  "Whenever we go forward, we must not forget the road we have traveled; no matter how far we go and how bright the future is, we must not forget the past." Remember the teachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping, January 2-5, 2020 On the 19th, [Concentrate on Concentrating and Harmonious Development] The 2020 Gutian Annual Meeting of Songxin Group Management Cadres, under the leadership of the board of directors, brought Songxin Group management cadres to the red land of Longyan Gutian to be held. Deeply cherish the memory of the revolutionary ancestors and carry out revolutionary team management education.


 In the winter of western Fujian, the mountains are full of daisies and the forests are dyed. The Gutian Conference site with white walls and blue tiles is solemn and simple, and the eight characters of "Gutian Conference will shine forever" are shining brightly.



91 years ago, the Ninth Congress of the Fourth Army of the Red Army of the Communist Party of China was held in Gutian, which was of great significance to the later development of the Communist Party of China and the Red Army of Workers and Peasants. After 1991, more than 30 management cadres from Songxin Group gathered in the Holy Land of Gutian with reverence and started a four-day red education for the management cadres of Songxin Group at the 2020 Gutian Annual Meeting. Review the revolutionary history, strengthen ideals and beliefs.

From Jinggangshan to Ruijin - to Gutian. Songxin management cadres started from the place where the people's army was born, and then went to the place where the people's army turned important. Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and start from Gutian again! It has gone through the most critical and most difficult stage in the construction of the people's army under the leadership of the Party.

Inheriting the Red Gene and Following the Footsteps of Our Forefathers - After Viewing the Movie "Gutian Bugle"

Before the meeting, we reviewed the revolutionary historical film "Gutian Bugle" together: Reappearing history, this is a film that looks back at the original intention. Behind the quarrel, Mao Zedong and Zhu De searched for the fate and direction of the Chinese Communist Party together, and found the original intention of faith. This kind of exploration spirit of daring to be the first in the world and not sticking to the rules is exactly what we Songxin people should learn and inherit in the red history.



Through watching the film, we should not forget our original intention, be loyal and responsible, unify our thinking, and continue to move forward on the red road, because learning is endless, we have the courage to change, and never stagnate. The Songxin people who are exploring are always on the road...

During this red journey, the leaders of the Songxin Group deeply felt the great contribution of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong to China's revolutionary cause. As juniors, we should apply the Furuta spirit involved in this red trip to our future work. The revolutionary tradition is timeless, inheriting the red tradition and revolutionary will, not forgetting the original intention, and continuing to move forward!





 At 8:00 a.m. on January 3, all the cadets were formally established as the Fourth Red Army and held a solemn and brief flag-giving ceremony. Afterwards, drive to Gutian, the holy place of revolution, to carry out on-site learning of party spirit education.




After arriving in Gutian, the students marched to the statue of Chairman Mao and the site of the Gutian Conference. Along the way, the neat team, the regular military appearance, and the high spirits left a deep impression on the local people!


  Then all the members came to the Chairman's Garden, looked up at the statue of Chairman Mao and saluted.



 Comrades wearing the uniforms of the Red Army of the Chinese Workers and Peasants, holding high the banner of the Red Army, walked from the Gutian Cadre College to the site of the Gutian Conference in the Red Holy Land. With incomparable respect for the revolutionary ancestors, they relived the revolutionary ancestors who were not afraid of hardships and strictly observed discipline. , listen to the instruction of the party commander. Hold on to the revolutionary pride of "a single spark can start a prairie fire".




Cohesion and development

Learning the spirit of the Gutian Conference and promoting the red culture


Songxin management cadres gathered together and listened to the historical journey with respect. After a brief self-introduction, Dr. Rui told the team members the backstory of the Gutian meeting that took place in December 1929. During the lecture, it focused on what problems were solved by the conference itself, and what we young people should learn from the spirit of the Gutian Conference. Regarding these questions, Dr. Rui asked the team members to test their thinking ability. After debating and interacting, the team members became enthusiastic. Dr. Rui was even more energetic, and analyzed and answered these questions in detail.

Under the guidance of the red thoughts of this lecture, the team members were shocked in their minds and baptized in their hearts. They understood how the Communist Party, which had only been established for less than eight years at that time, solved the problems of party building and army building in the Gutian Conference. The importance of the principle of "ideological building of the party, political building of the army".



Searching for Hakka Culture, Exploring the Mysteries of Tulou


Big Fish and Begonia says:

Some fish are unstoppable,

Thought they did not belong to the sky.

And young people are eager to explore the heart of the world

And eyes can not be closed,

Because you belong to the present,

More belongs to the future.

Remember the ancient cartoon "Big Fish and Begonia"?

Are you impressed by the most mysterious buildings in China?

Today, the management cadres of Songxin Group are here

unique in the world

Fabulous mountain dwelling architecture

Tulou buildings

Behold its style!


Fujian Tulou

  Fujian Tulou Group is located in Hongkeng Village, Hukeng Town, Yongding County. It was formed from the end of Song Dynasty to modern times. There are more than 30 kinds of Hakka Tulou, including round buildings, square buildings, palace-style tulou, Wufeng-style tulou, and mansion-style tulou. It is the Tulou group with the most architectural types and styles. If Yongding is a museum of Chinese Tulou folk houses without a gate, then Hongkeng Tulou Folk Culture Village is like a museum that condenses Yongding Hakka Tulou. It has been praised as "the world's unique and fabulous mountain dwelling architecture" by domestic and foreign experts.


  The earth buildings, like a frozen piece of music and a frozen history, tell the world about the entrepreneurial spirit and life civilization of the Hakka people in small mountain villages surrounded by mountains.



Inside the red-painted mottled wooden door, the circular sky stretches freely above the ancient tulou. Tulou is like a living building from a fairy tale. It arrives unexpectedly and stretches out in front of you.

It is said that there is also a story circulating in the tulou: in the 1980s, the spy satellites of the US intelligence agency detected the emergence of missile bases in the mountainous area of Fujian, and the bases were densely distributed with huge cylindrical structures, which appeared from time to time. Smoke... This is probably the first experience that Tulou became famous in the world! In fact, it doesn’t matter how the outside world views it. The reason why Tulou has become a classic is not only because it stands alone in a corner, but because it stands behind it for a hundred years, it represents the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and more It is because it can condense the power of the family and achieve harmonious coexistence between people. In fact, enterprises also need such cohesion. Only when everyone has a unified mind, forge ahead towards a common goal, and firmly believe that the foundation of the Songxin Group will last forever.

Through two days of study and exchanges, the management cadres in various regions of Songxin Group have further deepened the understanding and grasp of the group's strategic intentions and development ideas, clarified the requirements of future work, and enhanced the confidence and determination to meet challenges, take the initiative to change, and promote the excellent development of the enterprise. .