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Visit and learn from the advanced management experience of listed companies, and enhance the level of refined management of the group company!

Author:Song shin Group Date:2024-06-25 Reading:

To further innovate work ideas, broaden work perspectives, learn advanced management experience from excellent enterprises, and improve the overall management level of the group. On the afternoon of September 3, 2021, a learning team consisting of more than 15 general managers and some management cadres from the board of directors of Song shin Group, Guangxing Industry, Anrui Testing and Certification, Longhui Shoes, Hongxin Leather, Wenhui Leather, Zhonghui Investment, Orange Heart Charity Association, Anhui Song shin, and Zhongrui Instrument, led by Chairman Jc, visited and studied Dongguan Dingtong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.