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Song shin Group | 2021 Core Values Song Discussion Conference Successfully Convened!

Author:Song shin Group Date:2024-06-25 Reading:

On November 5, 2021, the "Songs Discussion Conference on Songs of Song shin Group's Core Values" was successfully held under the organization of the Group's Human Resources Department! Chairman Jc of Song shin Group, General Manager Cheng of Guangxing Industry, General Manager Cheng of Anrui Testing and Certification, General Manager Deng of Longhui Footwear Industry, General Manager Zhang of Hongxin Leather, General Manager Yin of Wenhui Leather, General Manager Chen/Shen of Zhongrui Instrument, General Manager Hu of Anhui Song shin, General Manager Wang of Zhonghui Investment/Orange Heart Charity Association, and relevant personnel from the human resources departments of various companies attended the meeting.