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Wind and rain travel together, grateful for having you. Happy 13th anniversary of Song shin Group!

Author:Song shin Group Date:2024-06-24 Reading:

The cycle of the sun and moon, the stars move around. February 16, 2022, for Song shin, is a day of profound significance, worth celebrating and commemorating, and is the 13th anniversary of the founding of Song shin Group! Mr. Jc, Chairman of Song shin Group, Mr. Cheng, CEO of Song shin Industry, Mr. Deng of Longhui Shoes, Mr. Zhang of Hongxin Leather, Mr. Yin of Wenhui Leather, Mr. Cheng&Zeng of Anrui Testing and Certification, Mr. Chen&Shen of Zhongrui Instrument Technology, Mr. Hu of Anhui Song shin, Mr. Wang of Zhonghui Investment&Orange Heart Charity Association, and other general managers of various companies, as well as the founding elders of Song shin Group, witnessed the 13th anniversary celebration of Song shin Group.