Company Profile
Company profile

Shenzhen Yingyou Tianxia Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Registration No. P1071612 of the Fund Industry Association), is committed to professional asset management business, focusing on investing in A-share value investment and quantitative investment, with many years of trading experience, deeply cultivating the secondary market investment field , the stable performance has been recognized by both the market and customers. The company is determined to become a top student in the A-share quantitative industry. Relying on the speed-leading self-developed AntHill trading system and investment research platform, we focus on developing and operating market-leading trading strategies, and share the fruits of wealth appreciation with customers. The company has an investment, research and operation team led by a number of senior asset managers and specialized in subdivisions. The diverse team backgrounds cover brokerage, banking, finance, mathematics, computer, physics, etc., empowering the company with strong investment and research capabilities. Adhering to the investment philosophy of "professional focus, stable and high profit", the company relies on pragmatic research, mathematical models, and rigorous risk control, and is committed to creating long-term and lasting value for customers! Professional / Focus / Compound Quantification / Robust High Profit

Investment research team
Investment research team

Wang Jingzhao(CEO)

Master of Business Administration from Lanzhou University. With more than ten years of experience in the financial industry, he has served as the president of a state-owned bank and an investment manager of a fund company. He has managed a number of fund products, with a historical fund scale of over 1 billion yuan and a total return on investment of over 300%. Mr. Wang Jingzhao is good at technical research and risk management and control, and can organically combine technology and program trading. The trading advantages of running programs can convert technical winning rates into trading results.

Lai Qingyu (fund manager)

Master of Finance from Xiamen University. With 15 years of experience in securities investment, he has successively served as the fund product investment manager of the asset management department of Ping An Securities and Jinyuan Securities. He is good at quantitative stock selection and fund investment strategy research. He has keen insight into the financial data of listed companies, and focuses on market analysis. Adhere to the stable and high-profit investment philosophy.

Chen Mei (LP & Investment Research Director)

Bachelor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With 11 years of experience in securities investment and trading, he has worked in Changjiang Securities and Shenzhen Qianhai Xingjian Capital Management Co., Ltd. During his tenure as a fund manager, he managed several fund products, with a historical fund scale of over 2 billion yuan. He is good at top-down investment methods, combined with industry demand growth and business cycle, to explore investment opportunities with greater room for improvement in profitability and valuation.

Wang Jun (fund manager)

Engaged in the financial industry for 15 years, with many years of investment experience in securities companies and fund companies, with qualification certificates for securities, funds and futures, and rich experience in actual investment in the secondary market stock market Over the years in the capital market, we have achieved excess returns for our clients.

Tan Junjie (Director of Risk Control)

Bachelor of Finance from Guangxi University, 14 years of experience in the financial industry. He has successively served as the president of China Merchants Bank sub-branch, and the compliance and risk control officer of Shenzhen Qianhai Xingjian Capital Management Co., Ltd., focusing on investment opportunities in the equity market, and has rich investment experience.

Guo Qun (Investment Director)

Master of Computer Science from University of Science and Technology of China. He has many years of experience in quantitative trading system development and strategy research. He used to be the quantitative technical director of Shenzhen Qianhai Boundless Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Corporate business

subjective value investing

● In terms of investment strategy, Yingyou Tianxia takes the industry as the foundation and the strategy as the wing, and allocates the industry around the economic cycle and industry fundamentals.

● The company's investment style is flexible and can better adapt to market trends for position adjustment. The company always regards "absolute income" as its primary goal, pays great attention to the fluctuation of net worth, and minimizes the withdrawal of products by allocating high-quality companies in different industries and selecting timely operations.

● In terms of risk management, the company attaches great importance to the withdrawal of net worth, and has a better management strategy for product volatility.

Quantitative investment

● Based on scientific research and quantitative trading as a tool, it focuses on market investment.

● Based on a standardized investment and research platform, it can efficiently realize the integrated operation of data mining-strategy testing-firm operation.

● The company's core team background has both strong mathematical modeling capabilities and system development capabilities, and has a high-yield self-operated strategy, which brings additional considerable benefits to employees and has high team stability. Multiple transaction logics and asset allocations are combined in a single product, and the allocation plan can be customized according to investors' risk preferences. The performance of net worth is more stable than that of single product and single strategy allocation, and the Sharpe ratio is higher.


Company honor

★ In 2021, Yunkai sees the 9th of the month · CITIC Private Equity Maxima Competition 1st place in the high beta group in August 2021

★ In 2021, the 2021 Private Equity, Pai, Pai and Network Composite Strategy November Manager List Runner-up in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

★ In 2021, the 2021 Private Equity, Pai Pai Network Compound Strategy November 2021 National Third Runner-up

★ 2021, Yunkai Jianyue 3rd July 2021 Shenwan Hongyuan Jinma Cup Relative Value Mixed Strategy Group No. 5

★ In 2021, Yunkai sees the 10th of the month. In July 2021, the 8th place in the relative value mixed strategy group of Shenwan Hongyuan Jinma Cup

★ In 2021, Yunkai sees the 5th of the month. The 9th place in the low beta group of the CITIC Private Equity Maxima Competition in June 2021

★ In 2021, Yunkai sees the 8th of the month · CITIC Private Equity Maxima Competition in June 2021, the 10th place in the low beta group

★ In 2020, Yunkai sees the 1st of the month. The 12th place in the 2020 Guoxin Harbor Cup Quantitative Long Group

★ In 2020 and 2021, the top ten managers in the revenue group of April, July, October and November in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Region

★ In 2021, Xingchenhai No. 1: Ranked 66th in the first quarter of the "Jinhua Cai Cup" Private Equity Fund Competition of Private Equity Pai Pai Network (Contest period from August 2021 to July 2022)